timeview.net is an archive of time-series data collected by our clients who operate continuous water and environmental monitoring equipment. It can be accessed from any internet server and using it requires no formal training.

Isodaq HawkRT data logger HawkXT data logger in bollard housing

Data can be posted to the site after collection and quality control from a variety of recording devices attached to a measurement sensor including:

  • Data loggers
  • Meter readings
  • SCADA outstations
  • Telemetry recorders
  • Observations e.g. daily rainfall.
This software enables users to access time-series datasets such as:
  • Customise graph settings using interactive features
  • Display tables of logged readings in acrollable columns
  • View table listings of sites, parameters and periods monitored
  • Plot simple line graphs of continuous parameter readings against time
  • Download CSV format files of any dataset for a site parameter
  • Download files in HydroLog4 compatible formats.
Tipping Bucket Raingauge
Data management is totally configurable and users are provided with a set of data publishing tools. Users also benefit from free upgrades and helpful technical support by email or telephone.

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